My childhood friend and I were talking today, when she said, “come up with the description of your perfect guy”.  I didn’t even have to ponder on this.  Barack Obama.  And in no way am I trying to disrespect Mrs. Obama.  I have nothing but profound admiration for Mr. Obama as well as Mrs. Obama, in fact, she is the woman I most admire.

So it’s not about all that.  It’s the way he treats his wife with dignity, respect, gentleness and genuine fondness.It is the fact that his heart is so large that it preoccupies itself with trying to better a world, too content to be the way it is presently.  It is the shoulders that carry an entire race every single day without making excuses or making apologies for the fact that he is a black man, a black father, and a black husband married to a ‘regular’ looking, although by no means regular black woman and fathering 2 black children.

His accomplishments far exceeds many that we have known.  His compassion for his country and countrymen is unparalleled.   The fact that is earning potential is high, really high, makes him an amazing Boaz, but through the eyes of love this is simply an added bonus.  And the icing on the cake would be the dapper, swag filled man who is the undisputed and respected President of the united States….mic drop!

When she responded that, ” Mrs. Obama wouldn’t like that”, I had to go to number 2 ideal husband.  It is not a secret how much I love and admire Lebron James.  Yet in terms of myself, I have never seen Lebron as more than the son that should have been mine.  I want to say, I do not care about his money, but to say that would probably remove him from the picture.

You see the qualities that I most admire, are made possible in many way because of his monetary situation.  But material things are not important to me.  I admire this young man’s commitment to people, work and how silent he is while breaking down walls.  I like that he gives back wholeheartedly to his community.  I love that he is real enough that it bothers him that his hometown turned their back on him.. I love that he feels that he owes them something and is trying to give that to them.

I respect that he is still with his high school sweetheart and that she is normal and does not feel the need to overshadow him.  And yes I think he is drop dead gorgeous and sexy, there, you have it.

Yet being Lebron’s pretend mom is good enough for me, as well as being an admirer of the President.  However, with that said, they still represent the mold that I desire in an ideal husband.










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